Your Guide to Cottage Income E-mail

Would you like to own one of the more than 17 million home businesses in the U.S.? Gain more control over your income? Work in a comfortable environment? Cut your commute to less than two minutes? Do what you love—and get paid for it? Sure you would!

It’s the American dream. People are setting up their own successful cottage companies at a greater rate than ever before. What kind of businesses? You name it. These entrepreneurs are offering services and products to a new world based on common needs rather than common geography. The new businesses are using technology to reach out to a wider world. They are also focusing on the value of service. They are making a good living in or from their home. So can you! is a step-by-step guide to starting and running one of more than 100 proven home businesses—all of which can be launched with as few as 20 hours a week and without a lot of startup cash. This website will motivate you with examples of how others have succeeded with their home business. Most important, it offers specific information and resources for starting and operating a variety of proven home businesses.

The PLANNING section will help you decide if there is a “best” home business for you and, if so, how to get started.

CHOICES will help you define the success of your cottage company. It will guide you in discovering the best opportunity for your needs. You’ll consider what you’ll be doing, your startup needs, customers, pricing and profits. Valuable worksheets will guide you through the planning process to help you ensure that you find the home business that best fits your goals.


introduces you to the numerous opportunities for home-based profits using computers. It tells you how computers and software work for you, how to select a computer (with specific recommendations), how to use the Internet and set up your own website, how to set up your email account, and how to profitably use other new technologies.

CRAFTS offers 47 home business opportunities based on labor skills. PROFESSIONS includes 31 professional or creative opportunities. SERVICES offers 23 home business ideas for those who enjoy serving others. Each profile includes concise answers to the seven questions you will discover in CHOICES:

  • What will I be doing?
  • What will I need to start?
  • Who will my customers be?
  • How much should I charge?
  • How much will I make?
  • How can I get started?
  • How can I use computers to increase profits?

GROWTH includes ideas on how to increase your chances of success by tackling financial, marketing, publicity and tax reduction issues.

Why have I written these Cottage Income GuidesTM and offer them on the Internet for free? Because I love helping others reach their goals through home businesses. I've operated numerous craft, professional, and services business from my home for many decades. I’ve written more than 25 books on small business opportunities. Each book was written with the same purpose: to help others discover and reach their goals through knowledge and wisdom. And each book I’ve written has taught me more about how to do so as I interview and learn from others. By using this free website and considering the small business ideas and advice offered here, you’ll be on your way to discovering and developing the home-based business that will be the most suitable for you.

God bless!

--Dan Ramsey